Therapy: The Past, Present, and Future

When imaging therapy, most of us think of dreadingly giving a linear monologue of the painful past events of our life. While this can be true, it is rarely the full picture of what therapy is. Recounting the Past to Understand Our Present Therapy is a recount of the past [...]

2023-02-24T13:23:48-07:00February 24th, 2023|

The Anxiety “Struggle Switch”

Russ Harris, MD uses a metaphor to describe recovering from panic and anxiety struggles called the “struggle switch”. With mental health problems worsening, it is important to learn how to respond to fear more wisely in order to live with more vitality. When we struggle to rid ourselves unsuccessfully from [...]

2022-08-22T13:09:39-06:00August 22nd, 2022|
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