The current pandemic has impacted the way mental health services are delivered and received. At Kaizen Center for Mental Health, our intention, as always, is to offer you support during this difficult time, which is why we’re providing telehealth and online counseling services. This is a time for you to engage in self-exploration and self-care, so you’re better equipped to take care of yourself, as well as offer support to your friends, family and loved ones.

  • Are your struggling with motivation and purpose, because of social distancing?
  • Are you feeling socially isolated?
  • Has the pandemic put pressure on your relationship or marriage?
  • Is your lack of privacy around your partner, spouse, or family becoming overwhelming?
  • Does the future feel uncertain, causing you to experience anxiety?
  • As a college student, are you struggling with online education, and not knowing when that’s going to change?
  • As a parent, are you experiencing stress around the safety of your children, as they return to school?
  • Are you struggling with online learning, blended learning and balancing your children’s educational needs with tending to your own, both inside and outside the home?
  • Are you dealing with insomnia, broken sleep patterns and bad dreams?
  • Has keeping track of time become a problem, leaving you feeling confused and depressed?

With all of these obstacles to normalcy, you may have thought about how counseling might help you, but your concerns about social contact and social distancing may just seem like one more obstacle. Online therapy and telehealth provide you with an effective alternative to traditional in-person counseling. It allows you access to expert mental health services with one of our seasoned therapists, in the comfort of your personal space.

You may be overwhelmed with needing to transition back to working away from home, figuring out the logistics around schooling for your kids, or managing ongoing financial concerns. You might have a college student whom you’re worried about, which is adding to your stress. Like everyone, your life has been turned on its head, and a lot of things aren’t in your control. One of the things that might allow you some sense of control around your well-being and mental health, is working with us at the Kaizen Center for Mental Health.

In a time filled with so many uncertainties and scattered routines, self-care can be essential to you holding things together, both individually and in your relationships. We can help you better manage your strong and possibly confusing emotions, confronting the many doubts we are all struggling with in the moment. At Kaizen Center for Mental Health, we’re here to guide you in navigating your days with an enhanced sense of stability and balance, reducing your stress and increasing your motivation. Together, we can discover ways for you to pause and step out of your ongoing stress, so you can take a breath and get grounded.

To get started, simply request an appointment today. We’re here to help you.

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