We don’t often think of a burden as a blessing, and anxiety can certainly feel like a burden. It’s also an opportunity. Rather than fighting against your anxiety, if you were to recognize it as a part of yourself, not something apart from yourself, and embrace it, you can create a whole self and whole life, rather than staying mired in the half-a-life you may feel you’re living, now.

Anxiety Counseling UtahConfronting anxiety can often make you feel disconnected from yourself, and the world around you. Creating reconnection first means recognizing all parts of you are worthy of connection. Those parts will undoubtedly ebb and flow, so, while some days you may feel connected to your uncertainty and self-doubt, other days you may feel more connected to your confidence and sense of trust.

Previously, when facing mental and emotional pain in your life, you may have avoided it, worked to numb it or simply shut down. It’s probably not something you thought to embrace. Now, as you’ve reached your tipping point, and recognize anxiety is increasingly influencing your thoughts and feelings, as well as how you see your place in the world, you also see the need for change.

Change doesn’t mean fixing something that’s broken. It means integrating the different parts of yourself, so you have the opportunity to free yourself of the imposter who you may sometimes feel is inhabiting your life. Taking the courageous step of seeking to become whole, rather than a collection of parts stuck in fear and anxiety, waiting for something precious to fall or apart or disappear. This is the first part of your journey toward a life of gratitude, love and fulfillment.

Our primary approach is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is an evidence-based therapy shown to be successful in helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and substance abuse.

At the Kaizen Center for Mental Health, our experienced counselors can support you in your journey, helping you work through your anxiety and reveal a new path toward peace, joy and deeper fulfillment.

To get started on your journey to overcome anxiety, simply request an appointment. We’re here to help you.