We’re Hiring

Who we are?

Kaizen Center for Mental Health (KCMH) is a group counseling practice located along the edge of the Wasatch Mountains at 4505 s Wasatch Blvd. Our office sits along the foothills of the Wasatch and has a beautiful view of the SLC valley – seriously the sunsets are worth stopping and looking at. You can check out @kaizenmentalhealth on Instagram or Facebook to see more about us and our location. We offer both remote and in-person options for clinical work.

Why us?

We are unique as a group practice. We spend time each week in paid meetings individually and as a group to support each other and grow. We are unique as a group practice. We spend time each week in paid meetings individually and as a group to support each other and grow. Our clinical team has varying experience levels, specialties, and the kinds of clients we do our best work with. This mixture of experience and variety in specialty and training creates awesome learning opportunities each week in our time together.

Compensation is up to $55 per billable hour, and $20 per non-billable hour (meetings, pieces of training, etc.). In addition, we offer profit sharing for special projects like group therapy. We also offer paid group and individual supervision (with experienced, compassionate supervisors) every week. Supporting those serving others is our primary goal.

Unique projects.

The ability to share profits comes from including other clinicians in the creative process for the clinical structure and marketing content for group therapy. Another example of our value related to special projects and pieces of training is a webinar we co-hosted for blending ACT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) with Chase’s former professor Dr. Brad Lundahl who has published research with the founders of MI: https://youtu.be/xpY-Nnwd6uY

Meaningful, ongoing training.

Kaizen is founded on continuous learning – and we strive to live in service of that value by offering access to a growing library of curriculum to employees. We have digital and in-person training materials, programs, and trainers in a variety of approaches and focused populations. Some in-depth training available at KCMH includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other third-wave CBT, trauma, and awareness-informed approaches.

A few examples of our values related to ongoing teaching and training at KCMH is our very own Dr. RC Morris, CSW, who is one of our therapists, is also an adjunct professor at Weber State University’s sociology program. One of our newest additions to Kaizen is Jessica Javier – she is both working as a counselor and earning her DSW from USC. Our team at KCMH takes ongoing learning and training seriously and we aim to stay connected to learning institutions in meaningful ways. Our team offers pieces of training in the mental health field and provides training for other mental health professionals grounded in ACT, MI, and Mind-Body Bridging (MBB). Chase is also certified in MBB through Utah State University.

We care about people.

Remembering how difficult clinical work is and how much support professional helpers can benefit from is top of mind for the environment and culture at KCMH. Our focus on spending time for employees to staff cases, and receiving meaningful training and support really creates a rich environment that is enjoyable and meaningful. A supportive place where one can regularly receive this kind of experience hopefully allows a clinician to feel safe, to be honest about struggles as a professional helper, and how to be supported.

We have weathered the storms.

We celebrated our fourth year in operation as a group practice earlier this year. Combined, our team has decades of experience serving our clients with a variety of needs. This amount and variety of clinical experience of our mental health therapists offer a breadth and depth of feedback and support in our staff meetings. Kaizen prioritizes sharing and celebrating our strengths and progress as much as we do supporting setbacks and learning from them – both as professional helpers and people.

We show up for each other and our clients.

We really hold ourselves and each other to create space and time to care for ourselves first as helpers so that we can show up more effectively to life and the clients we serve.

More info:

The candidate will be asked to participate in weekly individual and group staff meetings and clinical pieces of training with specific emphasis on a few preferred modalities (i.e. ACT, MBB, MI). The candidate must currently have, or be willing to develop, a specialty in a few models (ACT, MBB) with a population (children, couples) in order to adequately staff cases each week. This position requires you to live in Utah and that you are licensed to work as a master’s level (or higher) mental health provider (CSW, LCSW, ACMHC, CMHC, etc.) in the state of Utah.


*For full-time employment, must be willing to work 23 client hours per week. For part-time employment, must provide 11 client hours per week.

*Prior private practice experience is a plus

*Pass a background check

Required education:

Masters or Doctorate Degree from an APA-accredited institution.

We Provide

  • A steady stream of referrals
  • Competitive compensation
  • An in-house team of insurance billing specialists who coordinate benefits/eligibility and submit claims
  • A team of in-house receptionist staff who answers client, calls, texts, emails and schedules intake appointments
  • Access to ongoing in-person training in evidenced-based modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mind-Body Bridging
  • Clinical curriculum for case conceptualization, treatment planning, note templates, client handouts, in-session exercises, client behavior monitoring and goal setting worksheets, recorded audio files for in-session practice.
  • Weekly group case consultation
  • Paid sick time and vacation
  • Eligible for performance bonuses every six months (based on completion of documentation, collecting copays, marketing, and blogging activity)
  • Eligible for profit sharing with special projects
  • Eligible for private office after consistent full-time employment
  • Supportive, authentic and growth-oriented team environment

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What Others Say About Working Here:

“I loved working at Kaizen Center for Mental Health. Chase Wickersham is an excellent supervisor and mentor! I felt like an equal but also learned so much from his guidance and the strength from the other therapists and supervisors. Being a new therapists, it was valuable being part of a group that supported each other and collaborative. Chase really cares about his therapists and supports them in all they are wanting to do! I would send anyone I know to work with him!!!”
– Lail Berrett, CMHC

“I worked for Kaizen for almost two years as a clinician and I highly recommend working for this group practice. Do you like better than average pay? Do you like having more autonomy and less micromanaging? Do you like being respected, appreciated, and validated by your boss? Do you like productive and encouraging staff meetings that help you to be a better clinician? Do you like having coworkers that you can get along with thus making the workplace emotionally safe and fun? If you answer yes to all of these questions, then Kaizen Mental health is the place to which you should apply. This was a positive experience for me overall and I am thankful that they chose me to work for them. No workplace is perfect but if I were to ever need to be a W2 employee again, I would choose Kaizen every time.”
– Patrick Ide, CMHC

“Kaizen is a compassionate and competent private practice that consistently demonstrates the desire and ability to support all who reach out for help. My experience as a clinician working alongside Chase and others at Kaizen offered tremendous learning opportunities along with a highly encouraging professional atmosphere. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kaizen to anyone seeking assistance with their mental and emotional health.”
– Eric Johansen, CSW