Moving is stressful. The tasks involved with getting organized, packing, finalizing closing details to sell or move out of one home while getting ready to occupy another all pile up quickly. It can culminate in a lot of overwhelming emotions during the days leading up to and immediately following your move.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you are uprooting your lives and transitioning from the familiar to the unfamiliar. While there may be some positive anticipation for this new phase, it can also create a sense of loss, discomfort and uncertainty.

Here are some helpful reminders as you work through the transition.

Remember that moving is a process

Break your to-do list into realistic pieces that can be put down from day to day. Some days will be more exhausting than others but not everything needs to happen at once. Give yourself time to rest and process how you are feeling.

Start early

Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need to pack and get organized. This will give you the opportunity to downsize and minimize your things instead of hauling items around that you no longer need.

Be willing to reach out for help

Asking for help is likely an essential step. Whether it’s a supportive friend, family members to help with heavy lifting or new neighbors that can assist with showing you around your new community, be open to finding and receiving extra support.

Talk to your kids about the move

If you have children, the move is likely stressful for them as well. They may not know anyone in the new location and are likely nervous about making friends, sleeping in a strange room and leaving behind the familiar. Talk about your emotions and fears to remind them that you are in this together.

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