How to Drop the Struggle with Anxiety – Part 3

2019-08-23T04:10:48+00:00August 22nd, 2019|

In Part 2, we learned that if our goal is to rid ourselves of anxiety, it will likely only increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of anxiety over time. How can this be? Expansion not subtraction Part of the answer lies in where Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has its philosophical [...]

How to Drop the Struggle with Anxiety – Part 2

2019-04-30T04:30:55+00:00April 29th, 2019|

In part 1, we learned how anxiety is like struggling in quicksand. The more we struggle with it, the more we are caught in its sinking trap. My own personal struggle with anxiety consistently intensified from 3rd grade, when my classmates noticed my sweaty armpits, all the way into adulthood. [...]

How to Drop the Struggle with Anxiety – Part 1

2019-04-30T04:26:02+00:00March 22nd, 2019|

How To Drop the Struggle with Anxiety Anxiety and I have been well-acquainted for awhile. After years of struggling, learning, and training on how to treat anxiety, I still recognize it showing up in my life regularly. I personally struggle to this day with how much I dislike anxious, fearful [...]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training with Dr. Steven Hayes

2019-04-29T04:00:53+00:00October 22nd, 2018|

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a two-day training with Dr. Steven C. Hayes in Las Vegas, Nevada. When asked if he created Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), he responded, “thousands of people have helped develop ACT, I just lit the match.” A very humble response for [...]

Why Be Mindful?

2019-04-30T04:16:37+00:00October 2nd, 2018|

You’ve probably heard about the incredible benefits of mindfulness or meditation. New research has shown how it produces lasting changes in attention, cognition and emotional regulation. But why practice mindfulness? What is meditation? And what are the differences between the two? Meditation is a formal, on-purpose practice that has [...]

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