Relationships are everywhere in our lives. How we interact with partners, family, friends, co-workers and others can help us be our best selves, or be dangerous to our mental and physical well being. We often focus on what to look for if you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. It is crucial to know these signs to know when you should walk away from a harmful situation. That being said, it is also important to know how to identify a healthy relationship.

Benefits of a Healthy Relationship

Being in a healthy relationship has numerous benefits to your daily life, mental health, and overall well being. Some of the primary benefits of a healthy relationship are:

  • Less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Greater sense of purpose
  • Better health and higher self-esteem
  • Longer life
  • Many more

How to Identify a Healthy Relationship

Understanding the benefits of a healthy relationship is a step on the path of  improving your own relationships. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help gauge the status and health of your current relationships:

  • Can I be completely myself around this person?
  • Do I feel safe saying whatever is on my mind to this person?
  • Does this person share my values?
  • Can I have fun with this person and talk about serious things?
  • Do I feel respected and valued?
  • Do I feel like a priority to this person?
  • Can I solve problems with this person?
  • Does this person value respectful communication and doesn’t seek to tear me down when we disagree?
  • Does this person deal with their emotions, especially anger and sadness, in healthy ways?
  • Is this person honest with me and reciprocate sharing vulnerable aspects of their life?
  • Do I feel like I can trust this person?
  • Am I my best self around this person?
  • Is this someone I want to be around the people I am closest to?
  • Is this person willing to compromise when we both can’t get our way?
  • Do I feel loved in the way I deserve?

Relationship advice can be subjective, but these questions are a great guide to help you understand if your relationship is a secure, loving, and respectful situation. You can modify these questions as necessary depending on the relationship you are evaluating.

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