I’ve heard it said that pain is the touchstone to growth or that pain is a great motivator. How is your relationship to pain?

Everything we see tells us we are always supposed to “put on a happy face.” But true growth and happiness come through facing pain and learning skills, tools, and techniques that will lead to deeper awareness and inner contentment.

Have you used substances and other addictive outlets to avoid pain? Have others told you it is interfering with your relationship, your job or your social life? You may be stuck in a cycle of addictive behavior because you are avoiding childhood pain, a difficult loss, or present-day stressors.

Another area that can causes pain are relational issues or a lack of communication. Perhaps you feel like you have lost touch with your partner, teen, parent, sibling or close friends. Do you have a lot on your mind but somehow feel stuck in your head? Whether in individual, family, or couples therapy, I can help you gain tools to better navigate your close relationships.

Within the context of a supportive therapeutic environment, I can help you face your pain and overcome blocks that are keeping you stuck. I can help you learn to embrace challenges and instead of avoiding pain, use it as a tool for personal growth, connection, and deeper life satisfaction.

Before becoming a therapist, I had a lot of unique life experiences. I grew up in New York City, have lived in various ski towns and worked as a chef in New Orleans. When my children were little, I owned and operated a daycare.

I love the outdoors and mindfulness practices. I teach and practice meditation and yoga and incorporate the tools that I have learned in these disciplines to help you cope with day-to-day stressors.

I have a social work degree from Fordham University in New York. I have done post-graduate training in Family and Couples Therapy and Mediation from the Ackerman Institute. I am also certified in EMDR trauma therapy, “a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.” This technique helps to process and heal traumatic memories and redirect the energy used to avoid these memories, to heal these memories.

I can help you experience positive growth, feel supported in your healing journey, and learn to embrace life’s challenges. Request an appointment today at the link below and start healing.

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