I am becoming a licensed therapist because I believe in supporting clients’ innate wisdom and ability to heal and live out their potential.

Life is inevitably challenging, confusing and painful for all of us at points. And it is also said that who we want to become and what we dream to have in our lives, requires that we face that exact pain that surfaces for us all. Therapy is a wonderful container to learn how to navigate the pain with better coping, communication and an ability to soothe our own nervous systems. From this point, we can explore deeper conditioning and wounding that has happened in our lives. Where there are deep emotions lies a wonderful opportunity for spiritual awakening and for understanding our true self.

In a counseling session, I prioritize compassion, safety, warmth, authenticity and energy. I welcome all parts of you into the counseling container with non-judgement. I believe you deserve to enjoy your life and relationships, regardless of your past. The therapeutic container is empowering for you to live beyond your pain and conditioning.

Some of the techniques I use in the therapeutic container include Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Nervous System Regulation, Mindfulness Meditation, discovering one’s values and Art Therapy. I enjoy many of these modalities so that the client can welcome home many parts of the self without shame. I also put an emphasis on an integration of the body throughout. Most importantly, I believe in the connection and alliance formed between a therapist and client to be the most essential for healing.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I had a lot of unique life experiences. I grew up in a fishing town in Massachusetts, played collegiate soccer, have lived in various countries, studied marine biology and worked in the corporate world. In my free time I can be found skiing, searching high and low for the ocean, hiking, baking, in a yoga studio, seeking out live music or spending time with people I love (pups included).

I am receiving my Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder. I am also a certified yoga and meditation teacher, which I find quite helpful in the therapeutic context.

I honor your path and your courage in thinking about therapy. My door is always open to work with you and co-create a therapy container that feels good for you. Request an appointment today.

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