I became a therapist to support those suffering after experiencing loss. Grief can feel like a part of you is lost too. From your perspective, life has lost its color and nothing has felt the same. Somedays, life seems as if it would be easier if you could disappear. 

Clients I work with often feel like their heart is heavy and shattered. Life feels like it isn’t slowing down, and it becomes more impossible to keep up. I often remind clients coping with loss for the first time that there is no one, specific way to cope or grieve. We all cope with loss as best we know how. What can add to the confusion is how the grief process can look very different for each person over time and in each area of life impacted. It may show up in the smallest details or in the most unexpected moments.

This energy that our grief takes from other parts of our life can feel debilitating. Especially as we force ourselves into doing what used to be relatively easy: sleep, diet, exercise, or other daily routines, may now be compounded by feelings of sadness, overwhelm, confusion, frustration, or even anger. When clients learn how normal their reactions and behavior are, it can remove the unnecessary shame and open us up to healing.

You may feel supported in your grief by meeting with a trusted counselor. As your therapist, I seek to be a person who witnesses and shares the loss and provides a space for understanding and awareness. Counseling can provide opportunities to practice specific and needed skills to reengage in life after the loss. Over time, in counseling and in other safe relationships, you can learn to integrate this loss into a new understanding of self, and, slowly, life begins to have more color. You may begin to recognize the shared loss that touches all humans in some form, at some point, in life.

Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the suffering, healing is possible. Therapy gives you the space to process the pain, accept the seemingly unacceptable, create meaning, readjust to the present, and find connection as you move forward.

If you’re reading this, my door is open to you when you’re ready. I specialize in solution-focused therapy, person-centered therapy, attachment-based therapy, and acceptance and commitment (ACT) therapy. I will work with you to find the best therapy modality, plan, and goals to help you create a life that is happy and healthy.

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