For awhile now, you have felt like something is “off.” Something that you used to count on in your life is missing. It can be terrifying to feel like who you are is fundamentally different or even gone. Maybe there was a distinct moment or maybe it was more gradual, but you are in a place that now feels unfamiliar. 

Whatever your journey has been, you’ve decided your current life circumstances are no longer something you can ignore. You want nothing more than to reclaim a sense of identity, purpose and control. Your desire is to transition through life’s most important areas—health, faith, identity, relationship, and/or work—on your own terms.

If you want to navigate through your current stressors (even current habits) and come out on the other side a stronger person, couple, or family, trust that you can get there. If you want to find a sense of comfort and confidence in your own skin, free to grow without feeling suffocated by all of the expectations around you, take the first step today. With support and guidance you can get there!

For more than fifteen years, I’ve worked closely with adolescents and adults going through life-changing transitions. Clients who work with me appreciate my upfront and open approach. I hold a Masters degree and Doctoral degree in Social Psychological Criminology from Purdue University, a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah and Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology. I grew up in Utah, spending most of my childhood in Weber and Davis county. 

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