You are exhausted. You’re scrolling through all of these listings unsure of how to choose a therapist, wondering if it will even help you or someone you love. You might be telling yourself you are weak, lazy or broken because you keep falling into the same hole. I hear you. I really hear you—and I get it.

I understand what’s its like to feel doomed about the future or have profound sadness about the past. You need some help to understand how to unhook from painful thoughts, feelings and emotions and create a path toward living a meaningful life. 

For a few seasons in my life, I deeply struggled with a substance use disorder in an attempt to numb a debilitating and chronic anxiety disorder. My attempt to escape my emotional pain only made it worse and led to depression and despair.

I am now a person in long-term recovery from addiction. My personal experience tells me we can overcome enormous pain and difficulty that initially feels impossible to change in our lives. I want you to know there is hope. There is hope for yourself or the person you want to help.

You can change the relationship you have with your pain and start to live the kind of life you fantasize about. A life full of vitality and meaning—a life that really matters to you. After experiencing setbacks as I worked to recover from my own addiction, anxiety and depression, I have learned how to help others.

As a group therapy practice, we have a passion to help you uncover, understand and move through emotional pain and to identify deeply-held meaning and purpose. We can support you in creating individualized strategies to break unhelpful patterns and process emotional pain using evidenced-based psychotherapy.

We offer a unique perspective and have the experience and certifications to treat clients looking to sustain their recovery from addiction and co-occurring mood disorders, navigate through trauma, depression and PTSD, and learn to respond more effectively to suffering. Our therapists have comprehensive postgraduate training in the evidence-based modalities of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mind Body Bridging, EMDR and Motivational Interviewing and are fascinated with understanding how we (myself included) can leverage deeply-held passions and values to transform suffering into vitality.  Contact Kaizen Center for Mental Health today for a free consultation.

We wish you you hope, courage and love on your journey.

Chase Wickersham, LCSW

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