Women have unique and different issues than men. We have hormonal changes and stressors that affect how we think and feel about ourselves. Being a mother is often different then we imagined. There are sleepless nights, never-ending days, feeling alone, and thoughts of, “what happened to my body and mind?” You may even be asking yourself, “why did I do this?” 

Perhaps you thought having children would be good for your marriage. You thought motherhood would be easy and natural. But it’s nothing like your mother said or how it’s portrayed on television. You may be thinking, “motherhood is the hardest job I’ve ever had, and I feel like I’m failing at it.” Maybe your marriage is suffering, or you find yourself thinking, “my family deserves better than this.” 

There are women everywhere sitting at home feeling completely alone. The truth is you are not alone. There is help. Our minds are very good at creating stories. Sometimes our mind creates scary stories that something isn’t right or that we should do something we believe we could never do. I understand those stories and I know that they are not who you really are. I am not afraid to hear your stories. I understand that you want to feel normal.  

I am here for you. I get it. You are not losing your mind. Part of what you are feeling is chemical and biological, but there is so much more. Trying to fight these feelings is like trying to swim against a rip tide. If you try to fight the current, you will lose. I want to help you swim along the shoreline and find your way back toward peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  

My goal is to help you create the life you want. We will work together to help you develop skills to navigate through the difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are causing you pain right now.  As you receive guidance to master those skills, you can apply them throughout the rest of your life. You can create a life where you are actively connecting with all the domains that are important to you and that help you feel alive.

If this resonates with you, I am an open heart and would love to help you maneuver through womanhood. I have felt these same feelings and have supported many women through these feelings. I am only a phone call or click away. Don’t hesitate, you do not need to suffer needlessly any longer.  

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