Joshua Yates, CSW Counslor UtahIt can be extremely frustrating to feel stuck, like you just can’t get out of a rut, whether that be a habit, behavior, relationship, or something else, and it can be hard to try and overcome it alone.  While making the decision to ask for help can feel just as challenging as whatever you’re trying to overcome, it is such an important step to make to start getting out of that rut.  In the past I have found myself stuck too, and have had to work through issues of motivation, lack of purpose, and avoidance of the meaningful but painful steps that life sometimes requires, and after finding that purpose in life through my work and the outdoors, I love helping others find their own way too.

I feel passionate about meeting my clients where they are, and working together to overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of achieving their goals and identifying what they truly value in life. I specialize in working with teens and young adults, a stage in life that can feel very chaotic and isolating, especially when trying to relate to their peers and families, and it is extremely important to me that my clients feel they have a space to express and work through these feelings when they come to my office.

I use a variety of approaches, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), motivational interviewing, Mind Body Bridging and teaching mindfulness techniques in order to help my clients identify and explore the possibility of change within themselves, while supporting them through every step of the process.

Originally from North Carolina, I have lived on the Wasatch front for over 10 years, and received my master’s in Clinical Social Work from the University of Utah. My clinical experience includes outpatient, inpatient, and wilderness therapy settings working with a broad spectrum of clients, including those with depression, anxiety, parent-child relational issues, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, substance use, trauma and abuse.

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