As a young adult seeking direction – confusion and emotional pain is normal. Attempts to numb and counteract this discomfort may become less and less effective, sometimes turning into addictions of their own. Depression and anxiety can make change feel impossible, as if nothing good will ever happen.

On the outside things might look ok but the inside feels very wrong. Struggling alone without a connection to someone that can help is a sad and lonely place to be. Quick sources of pleasure from our phones or out of bottles often turn into self-destructive habits. We start to see these misguided attempts to help ourselves only make things worse. Addictions that seem unstoppable can sometimes become the only way to cope.

Through working with others and in my personal transformation, I’ve witnessed the vast potential humans have to turn pain into positivity. It’s amazing to see how badly lives can be damaged – only to come up out the mud with wisdom, love, and compassion.

I take a holistic approach to working with others that encompasses both the mind and body. Sitting and talking will often be accompanied by guided sensory awareness, breathing exercises, gentle yoga postures, and meditation instruction.

This has proven helpful for those who feel emotionally numb, lost, or overwhelmed. It has also helped those with significant trauma where talking about the past doesn’t work. I can help you develop the internal awareness of physical sensation that will ultimately lead to enhanced emotional awareness and presence.

I have training in mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness oriented recovery enhancement. I am a certified yoga teacher and I am licensed as a clinical social worker in the state of Utah. Most of my clinical experience is working with young men struggling with substance abuse and mood disorders.

I have a particular interest in working with those who feel stuck and emotionally numb. I am also passionate about the use of mindfulness and yoga as a treatment for substance use disorders and complex trauma.

Schedule an appointment today by clicking the button below. I look forward to working with you and I commend you for taking this first step.