Did you know that 10–20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage? Despite its impact, many parents have felt alone in their pregnancy loss. You find yourself caught in a loop of endless questions and ongoing uncertainty while moving further away from the dreams you had for your family.

Here are some ways to support yourself through pregnancy loss:

Validate your feelings of loss & sadness

No matter how you are feeling, it is normal and valid. There is such a range of emotions within the grief and loss of a baby and you are allowed to experience whatever is coming up for you. Allowing yourself to experience the emotions associated with your loss is part of a healthy relationship with yourself, your partner, and moving through the loss you are dealing with.

Give yourself credit, even in the little things

Grief can be an overwhelming emotion, especially if you are feeling guilty about your loss as well. Recognize the small successes you have in trying to find normalcy in your life. Whether you made it out of bed today or not, you are giving yourself time to rest, recover and heal. Each small step and success deserves plenty of acknowledgement.

Remember pregnancy loss is not your fault

For many mothers who are experiencing pregnancy loss, feeling guilt and blame can feel overwhelming. The truth is, most miscarriages are caused by abnormalities that are outside of anyone’s control. Don’t let yourself or others blame you for something that is out of your control and not your fault.

Cope with loss as a couple

You and your partner will likely deal with this loss differently. This is a time to communicate with and care for one another. When you can see your partner is struggling, go above and beyond to show them you care and understand their feelings. Communicate with your partner when you need their support and strength to help you. Remember that this is a challenge you can face and overcome together.

Honor your baby

It can be really helpful to find a special activity or create a memento that gives you the opportunity to remember, talk about and celebrate your precious little one. Find ways to remember and focus on the joy and excitement you felt during pregnancy.

Don’t go it alone

Having others to talk to about your pregnancy and loss is essential. Support groups, friends and family can be a major source of strength and stability. Connect with others and you will find energy and inspiration. Kaizen Center therapists are here to help you acknowledge, process, and manage your feelings. If you would like to talk to a licensed clinician or if you need additional support options, please contact us. We would love to connect with you.

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