When we begin feeling anxiety, it can be confusing. Are we feeling this because of a temporary stressor or new painful stimuli in our environment – like unexpectedly being laid off from work, for example. Or is this a chronic condition that has been brought to the surface recently? Will it pass or will this be an ongoing issue that requires professional treatment? Anxiety brings many additional feelings, questions, and emotions with it.

Anxiety can bring depression with it

Another layer of confusion with anxiety is its companion: depression – nearly half of the time people are diagnosed with both conditions. The symptoms of each disorder can manifest themselves at the same time or separately. Anxiety and depression’s complexity prioritizes competent screening across a number of life domains like: physical illness, environmental/social toxins, trauma, sleep, disease, medication, nutrition, exercise among others. Symptoms of anxiety or depression may also be related to other mental health diagnoses like ADHD or Bipolar. The variables and scopes of practice to consider are many when deciding how to best treat a complex feeling mental health condition.

We help you change your relationship with anxiety

We offer counseling for anxiety disorders including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety. Our primary approach is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidenced-based therapy shown to be successful in helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and substance use disorder.

In counseling we will work alongside you to build and implement a treatment plan that measures meaningful change in your life over time. Eventually, the goal is to need therapy like you might need a dentist – for a check up or occasional visit. The healing journey’s length, time and details varies as much as people and their suffering do.

Reconnect with yourself

Confronting anxiety can often make you feel disconnected. Creating reconnection first means recognizing all parts of yourself are worthy of connection. While some days you may feel connected to your uncertainty and self-doubt, other days you may feel more connected to your confidence and sense of trust. Our therapists provide safe, calm, and comfortable spaces to open up to all parts of yourselves. You can be free to share your thoughts, feelings, and express yourself as needed to address your anxiety and create a sense of safety.

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